True Heroes is a membership-based online website and smart phone application dedicated to providing Aussie nurses and carers exclusive offers and discounts on an extensive range of products and services both locally and nationally. Businesses listed in our Discounts Directory provide these offers to True Heroes members as a 'Thank You' for the work they do out in the community ... because they are our True Heroes.
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Businesses who advertise with in the True Heroes Discount Directory provide discounts and special offers on their products and services exclusively to True Heroes Members.

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Signing up to be a True Heroes member is easy! If you are a nurse, carer or even a student of the profession anywhere in Australia … you are eligible to join

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Our members include enrolled nurses, registered nurses, nurse practitioners, midwives, hospital staff, and allied health professionals from a variety of different ages and backgrounds.


Our members include those working in aged-care, child-care, personal care, home care, youth-workers and many more.

Eligible Tertiary Students

Our members also consist of a variety of different students across Australia who are actively studying the profession of Nursing or Personal Care in a tertiary institution.

What they say about us

“This is such an amazing concept! Nurses do get some perks elsewhere, but this is the only place I know of that rewards and recognizes both nurses and current students of nursing”


“It’s great to know that True Heroes is providing us nurses with a website full of great discounts. I feel very much appreciated for the hard work we do”


“Finally, a service recognizing our next generation of carers. As a lecturer in the industry it a nice little incentive for my students to continue their studies”


major organisations currently supporting you
Just some of our major partners who are currently providing discounts to nurses and carers

True Heroes is a great avenue for local and national businesses to give back to our nurses and carers by advertising their business in the True Heroes Discounts Directory and providing an offer or discount to our members. Here at True Heroes, we believe our carers deserve recognition for the hard work they do.

This is not your average directory – Businesses must provide an offer or discount on their products and services outside of their normal pricing to our members of True Heroes.

Let’s show them we are thankful.


True Heroes is your one-stop-shop for exclusive discounts and special offers on a variety of products and services…because of the sacrifice you make each day in the community.

Business listings inside the Discount Directory support the work you do, and are providing these promotions exclusively for you!
So what are you waiting for? Are you a nurse or carer? Are you studying to become one? Membership is free!

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